Lenses & Contact Lenses


Technologically advanced eyeglass lenses are better today than ever. We offer lenses that are thinner, lighter, more UV protective, less reflective of light and more durable than ever. With so many options to choose from our well trained, staff is essential in helping you find just the right lens for you. These are just a few of the “best in the world” companies that provide the lenses we prescribe:


Great lenses don’t have to be expensive either. We have the knowledge to select products for the budget minded as well.

Contact Lenses

Advances in design and materials are making contact lens wear possible for more people than ever.  Contacts are more comfortable, easier to care for, and able to correct more vision conditions than ever before.  Whether you are interested in full time contact lens wear or use for special activities, there is likely a lens for you.

Our extensive number of trial lenses will allow you to have the contact experience so that you will know if they are right for you.